Collaboration partners

Dr. Bodlaj’s ENT practice is among the most modern ENT practices in Europe.

The equipment at our practice includes, among other things

  • a high-resolution DVT device, the Morita Accuitomo 170
  • a highly modern allergy laboratory
  • an endoscope with micro-camera for video Nasopharyngscopy
  • an optical and an electromagnetic nasal sinus navigation system for maximum patient safety in nasal sinus surgery
  • head-worn Leica OP-microscope that is currently only available in a few ENT clinics in Germany
  • as well as other diagnostic and treatment devices that contribute to effective, safe and successful treatment of our patients

We rely on skilled and innovative partners who are leaders in the field of medical technology. They include:

Co-operation with Practice Clinic Eulert Kochel & Partner in Bayreuth

We co-operate with the Practice & Clinic Drs. Eulert, Kochel and Partner. For more than five years, Dr. Robert Bodlaj as specialist for Ear-Nose-Throat Medicine and Dr. Stefan Eulert as Specialist for Maxillo-Oral-Facial Surgery, have regularly held an interdisciplinary consulting hour in the Practice Clinic Eulert, Kochel & Partner Bayreuth. The goal is to be able to offer patients with facial complaints interdisciplinary consultation and treatment.

But also and especially before a planned dental implant treatments, assessment of the sinus situation is urgently recommended. Otherwise there is a threat of infection in the maxillary sinuses after a sinus lift or an implantation treatment with a subsequent loss of the implant! But it is precisely patients who think that they have no problems with their sinuses at all that are not immune to such infections. Frequently they also have become so accustomed to the condition of chronic sinus infections, that they classify this condition as “normal”. And after a maxillary surgical intervention, it is possible that complaints can arise with frequently unpredictable consequences.


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