Sleep Apnoea Operation

Earlier a bite splint or nightly artificial overpressure respiration using a mask were the only options in the case of obstructive sleep apnoea.

Thanks to new technological and medical developments, there are gentle and effective options for treating sleep apnoea.

Celon RFITT-Method

Advantages for the patient:
  • Out-patient treatment under local anaesthesia
  • Treatment does not demand much time (just a few minutes per treatment)
  • No electrical current in sensitive neck-head area, since no neutral electrode is used, gentle on those tissues not directly affected, e.g. the surfaces of the organs (mucosa, ciliated epithelium)
  • Slight peri- and post-operative paid load
  • As a rule, no impediment to the quality of life and one’s daily routine in the days and weeks following the treatment

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  • Coblation® is an innovative technology, which quickly and effectively ablates soft tissues using radiofrequency energy and saline solution. It is not a thermal procedure. This is gentle on the surrounding healthy tissues and produces a faster, less painful healing than in conventional procedures.
  • The procedure is versatile, e.g. for removing tonsils, reducing the size of the nasal concha and operations for snoring, such as tightening the soft palate or reducing the size of the uvula.
  • Additionally, Dr. Bodlaj is one of the leading specialists in using the coblation procedure especially in reducing the size of the lingual tonsils. This intervention can i.a. be necessary for patients who are suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea.

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Inspire™ Therapie

  • The airways are dynamic structures. Inspire Therapy is a dynamic treatment which works with the regular movements of the body.
  • Many people who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) cannot or do not want to undertake CPAP-therapy. For these patients, Inspire developed this implantable treatment that stimulates the upper respiratory passages.
  • The procedure involves a carefully timed, mild stimulation of the “Nervus hypoglossus” in each breathing cycle in order to prevent the obstruction of the airway during sleep. Early clinical experiences indicate that in properly selected patients, significant reductions in the Apnoea-Hypopnoea-Index (AHI) can be achieved.
  • Compared with other surgical procedures for treating OSA, Inspire Therapy does not require any removal of or modifications to the structures of the patient’s face or airways.

You can find more information and an explanatory video -> here

Lingual tonsil implants for obstructive sleep apnoea

4K coblation – here as an example: Adenoidectomy (removal of tonsils)

Here you can learn about the options in our practice for sleep apnoea surgery as an alternative to the CPAP and about snoring therapy.


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