Range of services

Along with the personal consultation, modern diagnostics are indispensable for making treatment at a high level of quality possible. Medicine and technology work together to provide a gentle and effective treatment. In order to better integrate the patient into the decision-making process, the patient as a rule has his own “patient monitor” in the surgery. With us, you are, on request, “live on air.”

Here is some information about our range of services:


  • HDTV-video endoscopy, 3D-DVT (digital volume tomography), NO-measurement, rhino-sys-nasal flow-identification
  • Nasal and sinus surgery (FESS) with optical or electro-magnetic nasal sinus navigation and shaver and ENTrigue- technology that is gentle on the tissues.
  • Balloon sinuplasty of the sinuses
  • Corrective plastic surgery on the septum using a head-worn microscope, closing perforations of the septum
  • Reducing the size of the nasal concha by means of RFITT, laser or shaver technology or increasing the size of the nasal concha in case of ENS by means of implanting an allogenic, acellular collagen matrix, improvement of function by means of PRP-injection or stem-cell therapy
  • Minimally invasive tear duct surgery

All nasal or nasal sinus operations are done without packing!

Sleep Medicine and snoring therapy

  • HDTV video endoscopy, out-patient sleep laboratory and sleep endoscopy
  • Extensive conservative treatment procedures such as the initiation of nCPAP-therapy or prognathism bars
  • Alaxo stents as well as NightBalance
  • Multilevel-surgery
    • Nasal and nasal sinuses (see above)
    • Nasopharynx: endoscopic coblation adenotomy
    • Soft palate tightening: Celon or Curis-RFITT, Pillar procedure
    • Palatal tonsils: coblation-plasma field process
    • Base of the tongue: coblation procedure or Celon-RFITT-treatment, implantation of a pacemaker for the musculature at the base of the tongue
    • Tongue bone: Hyoid-pharyngoplastics
    • Epiglottis: RFITT-reduction plastics


  • HDTV-video endoscopy, the most modern ultrasound diagnostics, 24 pH-measurement for reflux diseases such as laryngo- and pharyngeal reflux (LPR), narrow band imaging (NBI) for early detection of tumours

Neuro-otology (diagnosis of vertigo, disturbances of the inner ear and the balance system)

  • Comprehensive diagnostics for vertigo
    • PW-doppler ultrasound
    • Air or water heated Videonystagmography (VNG)
    • Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)
    • Optokinetics
    • Posturography
    • Determining the subjective vertical
  • after careful and detailed diagnosis of this very complex clinical picture, medication-based and/or physical treatment will proceed
  • comprehensive diagnostic procedures for hearing disorders and tinnitus
    • liminal and speech audiometry
    • Mainz paediatric table
    • ASSR-BERA for determining the auditory perception threshold
    • ABRIS-BERA for determining the extent of hearing present in child
    • BERA measurement of nerve conductivity velocity
    • TEOAE and DPOAE for measuring inner ear function
    • Tympanometry for testing the ventilation of the mid-ear

This page contains only an overview of the services we provide. Detailed information on the individual areas can be found in the relevant sections in the focus area or following the links.

Both our practice and the allergy laboratory are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and operate in line with the latest medical findings. We offer procedures that go far beyond the usual measures. Our services are as a rule fully covered by private health insurance. So that even patients who only have statutory insurance can also benefit from the advances of modern medicine, we also offer many of these services on the basis of self-payment. We would be happy to send you a corresponding cost estimate if required, to restore your health quickly, gently, and safely.


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