Auszug aus dem Newsletter:

"ENSIA is thrilled to announce a neuro-mucosal treatment, which is now available for ENS sufferers!  This treatment will take place in Leipzig, Germany and the treatment methods are based upon scientific research and developments by a world-renowned stem cell and regenerative medicine researcher. 

The treatment methods are based upon the ABC principle: 1) activation of endogenous stem cells, 2) boosting (“internal proliferation”), and 3) commitment – signaling cells to implement a specific job for regeneration.  A variety of individualized treatment methods will be used ranging from topical applications – such as surface applications, pulsating micro-laser, and injections – to systemic treatments to surgery.  The method utilized will be tailored to the specific problem.  Various conditions targeted include:  empty nose syndrome (ENS), rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis (AR), sinusitis, post-nasal drip, nasal dryness, mucosal and cilia atrophy, mucosal apoptosis, nerve damage, scar tissue, neuropathy, anosmia and hyposmia (total or partial loss of smell), surgical wound damage, and others."


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